36 Express Cruiser

Inspired by the classic Bunker and Ellis boats that still navigate coastal Maine waters, the Ellis 36 Express Cruiser exemplifies the grace, style and functionality of a traditional Downeast yacht. This windshield forward configuration may suit you if increased cockpit and shelter space is your primary concern.  

  • Standard Layout for the Ellis 36 Express Cruiser
  • This shows the various shelter configurations.
    Tables out for dining and sleeping arrangement - all in the same boat.
  • The Dining Set-up.
    Tables folded out & Ellis Cantilevered Seats in the down/aft facing position
  • The Sleeping Arrangement.
    The stern seats fold back and line up with helm/nav seats.
  • Ellis Cantilevered Seats facing aft on the Express Cruiser
  • Exceptional Engine Access
  • The Ellis Cantilevered Seats facing forward and tables folded away - Solid Teak Floor optional
  • Optional extra cockpit seating arrangement with built-in boarding steps and transom door.
  • Standard cabin layout on the 36 Express Cruiser (and for the 36 Lobster Yacht)
  • The Ellis 36 Express Cruiser in Somes Sound on Mount Desert Island
  • Shown here with the soft-top and twin engine jet-drive option
  • Optional Ellis 36 Express Cruiser Top


  • Inspired by classic Bunker & Ellis boats, the Express Cruiser with the extended cabin exemplifies the strength & beauty of a traditional Downeast Yacht.
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  • It is no coincidence that a boat that works well for the commercial lobsterman is also going to be comfortable and safe for coastal cruising.
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  • The Lobster Cruiser, with her extended cabin, gives you extra space down below while maintaining the classic look of Maine Lobster Boat.
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  • In the Extended Top model, you can put the galley up in the shelter, which opens up many possibilities for additional accommodations in the cabin.
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  • Benefit from the option of navigating your boat from the protected shelter, or from the flybridge, where you can enjoy sunny days with a commanding view of the harbor.
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