Ellis Lobster Boat Division

Ellis Boat Company is extending it production to include the construction of two lobster boats each winter. Local experienced fisherman Anthony Ellis (pictured below on his previous fishing boat, an Ellis 36) will be the foreman on each build, working with experienced Ellis builders to finish your boat exactly as you need it to be finished. You can use our Ellis 36 hull or another design, such as the new Calvin Beal 42 offered by SW Boatworks.


Anthony Ellis on his previous boat (Ellis 36). He now fishes out of a Calvin Beal 38, split wheelhouse with a Cummins 9L engine, which was finished at Ellis Boat.

Partnered up with Anthony Ellis, Ellis Boat Company can build you the perfect lobster boat. If you are interested in haveing a boat built, please email a list of desired specifications to Anthony’s brother Shane: shane@ellisboat.com. We will quickly reply with an estimate for the build you desire.

Here is a basic estimate of a boat we could build for the 2017 season…

42′ Calvin Beal:  $65,000
750 hp John Deere:  $75,000
Split house, Ellis build, Complete $280,000 

TOTAL $420,000
Projected Launch Date: June 1, 2017
Launch Date based on having Calvin Beal 42 hull delivered in early January